Why Internet Data Bundles expires?

Wadau, today I have got one simple and clear complain or/and question to TCRA and Mobile Operators as i have found this as a very Big Market Scam and rip-off to consumers.

We need a clear answer from both stakeholders as why Data packages do expire and while the Airtime do not?

We would like something to be done on Data Packages as these Mobile Operators they take-in Billions of Money out of consumers for an excuse of expiration, just for instance I previously bought up 10GB of data for Tsh 6,000 from Tigo and after a week if you don't use it then your money or/and data is gone!! Why is that?? while if you buy Airtime for Tsh 6,000 then you will use it until when its finished no matter how long it will get you to use it!

Same issue has been raised in Kenya, watch the video for more analysis

The Data Packages goes the same as the new subscribed Airtime Packages which Mobile Operators tried to implement these days!

TCRA kindly try to resolve this mess and please protect consumers as we are losing money every day.

Wadau pls tuchangie huu mjadala.
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